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LeCoultre Atmos Clock

Early 19th century clock by Jn. Jackson, Boston; At the top of the dial,
a woman’s eyes go back and forth
as the pendulum swings.
What are your qualifications?
I am a Certified Master Clockmaker with an engineering background and over 30 years of experience repairing antique and modern clocks and a lifetime member of the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute (AWCI).

For 15 years I supervised the Mason & Sullivan Clock Company's repair department, traveling to Switzerland and Germany’s clock and music box factories for technical and business meetings. Later, I owned two retail/repair shops on Cape Cod: Cape Clocks in Yarmouth Port and Cape Clockwork, in Centerville.

What is a Certified Master Clockmaker?
A Certified Master Clockmaker (CMC) is a technician who has passed a series of rigorous exams through the AWCI. The clockmaker’s skills are tested and evaluated in order to represent a "baseline of performance" recognizable to other professionals and the general public.

Why does my clock stop?
Clocks are mechanical devices which need to be cared for just like your car or washing machine. Once the old oil in the clock has coagulated and become gritty the bearings can wear out and an overhaul or a new replacement movement may be needed. Most German grandmother and grandfather clock movements sold by Howard Miller, Sligh, Ridgeway, Hermle, Kieninger, Urgos, New England and others are still available for repair purposes. The old “movement” is replaced, keeping the original weights, pendulum, hands, and chime rods.

Do you repair Cuckoo clocks?
Unfortunately, I do not repair watches, anniversary clocks, battery clocks or cuckoo clocks.

Do you appraise antique clocks?
I can only hazard a guess. A good auction gallery deals in many items and has much more current information.

Do you sell clocks?
I occasionally sell clocks on Ebay but I’m no longer in the retail business. If you want to buy a clock, I recommend Smith’s Time Shop on Rt 28 in West Dennis on Cape Cod: 508-398-0848.

How and when do I wind my clock?
Most modern clocks need winding once a week. A time-only clock has only one place to wind. An hour-striking clock will have two . A quarter hour chime clock has three. Wind each s-l-o-w-l-y until it feels fully wound, usually 4 to 6 full turns of the key. The key is turned right or left depending on the type of clock.

How often should my clock be serviced?
I recommend that modern era grandfather clocks be oiled and adjusted every 3 to 5 years depending on local conditions. Older clocks may require more frequent servicing.

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