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Cape Cod Clock Repair
Wendell Sharp is a Certified Master Clockmaker on Cape Cod with over 30 years of experience repairing antique, and modern clocks. He is a lifetime member of AWCI (American Watch and Clockmakers Institute). House Calls are scheduled in the Cape Cod area by appointment to service Grandfather and Atmos LeCoultre Clocks.

Grandfather Clocks are initially serviced with a house call. 5 to 20 year old clocks will require general cleaning and oiling. A specially designed synthetic clock oil is used. Most clocks should be serviced every 3 to 5 years to keep them in optimal condition.

If the bearings of the Grandfather Clock are severely worn, it will require either a complete overhaul or in many cases, a new replacement movement. The old movement is replaced, keeping the original weights, pendulum, hands, and chime rods.

Atmos Clocks have been made in Switzerland for over 60 years. They use a chamber (bellows) with a gas that expands and contracts with temperature to actuate a complicated winding system that winds the clock. They are the closest thing we have to perpetual motion, but they do require service on rare occasions. Atmos clock repair requires special tools and often are brought back to the workshop for service.

Cape Cod Clock Repair and Restoration services specializing in grandfather clocks and Atmos LeCoultre Swiss Clocks.

Call or Email for an appointment.

Cape Cod Clock Repair
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